The Program (PACCS)

Research Groups

Research Groups

Related to research line 1:

Care in its socio-cultural context

Nucleus of Studies and Research in Citizenship and Management in Nursing – NECIGEN
Leaders: Zenith Rosa Silvino and Barbara Pompeu Christovam

Research Center on Health Care, Nursing and Subjectivities in the Transdisciplinary Perspective
Leaders: Enéas Rangel Teixeira and Donizete Vago Daher

Research Center: Teaching, Creativity and Care in Health and Nursing
Leaders: Claudia Mara de Melo Tavares and Elaine Antunes Cortez

Center for Studies and Research in Health Management and Labor
Leaders: Ana Lúcia Abrahão and Marilda Andrade.

Research Center in Philosophy, Health and Humanized Education
Leader: Rose Mary Costa Rosa Andrade Silva

Qualitative Translational Research Center on Emotions and Spirituality in Health
Leaders: Eliane Ramos Pereira and Rose Mary Costa Rosa Andrade Silva

Center for Studies and Research Micropolitics of work and Health Care
Leaders: Ana Lúcia Abrahao and Emerson Elias Merhy

Maternity, Women’s and Children’s Health
Leader: Valdecyr Herdy Alves

Related to research line 2:

Clinical Care

GIEPO – Interdisciplinary Oncology Study and Research Group
Leaders: Mauro Leonardo Salvador Caldeira dos Santose Patrícia Claro Fully

Biomechanics Research Group (GPBIO)
Leader: Jonas Lily Gurgel

Aging and Physical Activity Research Group
Leader: Edmundo of Drummond Alves Junior

Study Group on Nursing Care Systematization – GESAE-UFF
Leaders: Rosimere Ferreira Santana and Ana Carla Dantas Cavalcanti

CICATRIZAR Group – Clinical Research, Wounds and Biomaterials
Leader: Beatriz Guitton Renaud Baptista de Oliveira

Interdisciplinary Health Research, Teaching, Technology and Innovation Group – GIPETIS
Vice Leader: Fátima Helena do Espírito Santo

Center for Studies and Research in Gerontological Nursing – NEPEG
Leader: Rosimere Ferreira Santana

Nursing Fundamentals Research Group
Leaders: Vera Maria Savoy and Beatriz Guitton Renaud Baptista de Oliveira

Nursing and Research Group on Systemic Arterial Hypertension – GEpHAS
Leader: Dayse Mary da Silva Correia