Professor Éneas Rangel Teixeira returns from Postdoctoral degree in Canada

“The postdoctoral aims at teaching qualification in order to improve academic activities at another University of Excellence level. Specifically the postdoctoral abroad, which contributes to the deepening in advanced studies and research generate partnerships and international agreements. From this experience at the Nursing School of Laval University in the Capital of Quebec, Canada, it met my academic, scientific and sociocultural goals and expectations. Thus contributing to our postgraduate degree and our UFF EEAAC.


Clémence Dellaire. Full Professor and Deputy Director of the Faculty of Nursing at UniLaval. Production in the area of Nursing Epistemology, population management and aging and care innovation. Exercises leadership in Canadian and International Nursing. It guides students from France, Latin America, Africa, Lebanon and others.
(Professor Enéas Rangel Teixeira)