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Postdoctoral Internship

Postdoctoral Internship




Purpose – to enhance high-level studies in the production of advanced knowledge in health care sciences.

The objectives of the postdoctoral internship in Health Care Sciences are:

– develop academic activities supervised by a program teacher in articulation with the PACCS Board;

– build research networks for knowledge, teaching and technology development;

– strengthen the production of the program integrated to the Lines and the research nucleus.

Time – The minimum period established is 06 months and the maximum 24 months. Renewal of the initial time schedule may be made upon formal request by the supervising faculty to the Program Board.


  • The supervisor will welcome the postdoctoral student, including him / her in the work activities with the research centers or laboratories; developing a joint activity plan.
  • The supervising professor must be accredited in the doctoral program of the program in Health and Care Sciences;
  • The following are qualified to supervise the postdoctoral internship: professors of the permanent staff of the doctoral course in Health Care Sciences; have a doctoral dissertation or be orienting.
  • The number of vacancies per supervisor is determined by the PACCS Board, meeting Program requirements.
  • The supervisor shall submit the candidate’s work plan and research project to the postdoctoral program to the Program Board for approval.
  • At the end of the internship, the supervisor should present a report with the respective proof of the activities performed and the production related to the postdoctoral internship to the Board.


  • The postdoctoral student must have completed the doctorate at an institution recognized by CAPES;
  • In case of foreign candidate, he / she must have the validated diploma, according to the rules of PROPPI / UFF.
  • The work and research plan submitted by the applicant should be compatible with the supervisor’s line of research.
  • All program criteria and decisions will meet UFF and CAPES standards, regulations.
  • The postdoctoral fellowship student with employment relationship must bring proof of time availability for the activities.
  • The permanent staff of the EEAAC Unit and PACCS is not allowed to postdoctorate in the Program.
  • The postdoctoral student should comply with the established planning and publish jointly with the supervisor research products in journals qualified according to the program requirements;
  • At the end of the internship should produce a report of the activities carried out with the respective vouchers, which should be reviewed by the supervisor and submitted to the program collegiate.


  • Admission to the postdoctoral fellowship with the program will be through a notice approved by the collegiate meeting the requirements of the program, the result of which must be approved by the collegiate.
  • Admission to the post-doctoral program without scholarship will be through submission and approval of the work plan and research project, meeting the requirements of the program, the result of which must be approved by the Board.
  • Upon completion of the Internship, submission of final reports and approval by the Program Board, PACCS will award a postdoctoral internship certificate.

Regulation approved at the meeting of May 26th, 2015.